Friction Tester ETS: The easy way to measure friction & wear

The ETS Easy Tribology Screener supplies you with reliable measurement results for the tribological core strengths of your products: coefficient of friction and wear. Designed for the test force range from 1 to 300 N, the ETS tribometer meets your testing requirements as a manufacturer of coatings, lubricants, additives, and materials. As a benchtop unit, the ETS is also an ideal tool for monitoring the condition of lubricants during operation as well as for preventive maintenance tasks. 

With its fully equipped, sophisticated test environment, the tribometer will deliver precise measurement results from the very first day in your company – without lengthy configuration or set-up. Intuitive operation with little training required and uncomplicated test routines ensure cost efficiency. 

All in all, the ideal entry-level instrument for tribological testing – developed and manufactured by Optimol Instruments, the market leader for tribological testing systems. 

Plug-and-play solution

with easy installation

Pre-installed test programs

no development time necessary

Online dashboard

for simple, direct analysis

Your advantages from using the ETS Easy Tribology Screener

Secure your technological advantage in a wide range of tasks:
Friction Tester ETS

Precise measurement results on friction and wear,

the fundamental parameters that define the tribological performance of your coatings, lubricants, additives and materials

Instant visibility of trends and behavior

as well as reliable rankings of products in development

Quality improvement and optimization

of formulations, coatings and materials

Basis for informed decisions

about the probable practical behavior of your products through differentiable results

A wide range of applications in numerous industries: This is the ideal way for you to make the most of the benefits!

Whether you are developing lubricants, additives or materials: Knowledge about the tribological performance of your product is groundbreaking for many development processes. The ETS gives you access to this knowledge – easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. Based on a reliable database of measurement results, you gain an overview of the friction and wear properties of your product.

The Easy Tribology Screener is the ideal tool for friction and wear measurements in many industries.

Icon lubricant

On-site condition monitoring of lubricants

in your department for preventive maintenance
Icon Additices

Performance testing of additives

optimization of lubricant formulations

Icon Friction

Friction and wear screening

of automotive and industrial lubricants under 300 N
Icon Friction and wear behavior

Friction and wear behavior

of coatings and materials
Icon Material testing

Material testing of injection nozzles

with fuel substitutes

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Application examples and reference measurements

To give you an insight into the functionality of the ETS Easy Tribology Screener, here we will show you some test measurements and how easily the directly output graphs can be interpreted.
Tribology for everyone

Tribology for everyone

Tribology should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we invented the Easy Tribology Screener (ETS).

  • Easy-to-use testing device for friction and wear.
  • In-situ wear measurement.
  • German engineering.
  • Entry-level model for tribological. characterisation of lubricants, greases, coatings, materials and layers.


    Repeatability of measurements using the example of lubricant testing

    • The graph shows an experiment on repeatability.
    • The same oil and the same contact geometry – ball on disk – were used.
    • The graphs for coefficient of friction and wear show an almost identical curve.
      Differentiation of used oils

      Differentiation of used oils

      Presentation of changes in the friction and wear behavior of different used oils

      • Both friction and wear behavior are influenced by the service life of a lubricant in a system.
      • An increase in the friction behavior signals a higher energy consumption of the system (deterioration of the efficiency).
      • An increase in wear behavior signals a greater risk of component damage.
      • In the field of predictive maintenance, this enables you to find optimal limit values and measures for optimizing maintenance intervals.
      Evaluation of the tribological behavior

      Evaluation of the tribological behavior of materials and coatings

      both lubricates and non-lubricated

      • Two dry measurements were run. The test specimen materials used were varied: Steel disk against steel ball and aluminum disk against steel ball.
      • The dry test with the steel and aluminum discs both show very unsteady behavior. However, the behavior of the steel is calmer compared to the dry measurement with aluminum.
        Test your lubricants

        Test your lubricants

        The ETS can evaluate the triboligical behaviour of materials as well as coatings both lubricated and non-lubricated

        • Simple screening tool for wear measurement.
        • Evaluation of frictional energy consumption.
        • Better understanding of the functional performance of the lubricant in the field.
        • Evaluation of maintenance measures.
        • Performance prediction of friction behaviour.
          Tribometer for friction-wear measurement

          Ensure cost-efficient testing with the ETS Easy Tribology Screener

          The key benefits of friction and wear testing with the ETS Easy Tribology Screener to increase your productivity
          • Simple installation and easy handling
          • High sample throughput
          • No development of procedures necessary due to pre-installed test procedures
          • No subsequent analysis of the wear required
          • No data export and no post-processing necessary
          • Fast implementation of test routines
          • Little training required

          Special technology features:

          • Plug-and-play solution
          • Electromagnetic linear drive, x-axis
          • Online wear measurement
          • Powerful evaluation tools integrated in the OCA software for operation, control, and analysis
          • Wide range of tribological test materials available

          Place your trust in the proven and robust technology of Optimol Instruments 

          We at Optimol Instruments look back on more than 50 years of experience in the field of tribological measurement methods. Originally, we come from a renowned company for specialty lubricants – and therefore focus directly on practical applications like no other supplier. Since our beginnings, the bundled expertise in designing and developing efficient tribological test systems has been one of the most important corporate values of Optimol Instruments.
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